The 10th Anniversary

Thank to the Foundation

We would like to express our gratitude to the “Marga and Kurt Möllgaard Foundation“ of the Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany e.V. for their long standing support of the students in the international network of Neisse University. This help has been an essential contribution to make our intention to provide a trinational training and education as well as promote the concept of a common Europe a success.

Neisse University, a unique study in English

Neisse University is a bachelor study program in English within three countries. Studies begin in the Czech Republic, continues in Poland and wrap up in Germany. Also, the program includes a 3-month internship anywhere in the world.

The goal of the study is not only to gain professional skills. It is above all about  experience and personal growth. It is about adventure. Check out this student video to get an impression...

Information for applicants

Neisse University is an opportunity-generator. If you want proof of this statement, read any undefinedreference of our happy graduates. Initially, we were also quite surprised about the strong positive perspective our graduates express.

Then we figured it out. The best way to understand it is to honestly ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are you looking for a university in English? Do you want to speak it fluently?
  • Do you prefer a university that would skyrocket your personal growth?
  • Would you like to have friends all over the world and experience a memorable adventure?
  • Is your aim to earn a good salary after you graduate?
  • Do you want to have irresistable experiences on your CV which would strongly appeal to companies such as Google?
  • Or simply do you want to study at a cool university that instantly gets you attention in a pub?

Complete pdf study guide to download here >>>

Study in English language

The official language of Neisse University is English. This is the language of lectures, study materials and homework. Our study is really 100% in English.

Your study group is international so you will need to use English daily. You will be polishing your English skills not only at the university, but also in a pub or on a trip. Our program has accepted student from all over the world – Europe, Africa, Asia as well as North or South America.

Adventurous study within three countries

Neisse University runs currently only one branch. The greatest focus is on management and computer science (which includes economics, communication as well as rhetoric).

The goal is to provide a balanced combination of technical and social skills. Check out our pdf study guide for more information.

Remember, it is a study abroad program in English. You will study subsequently in three countries and spend a year in each of them. The studied subjects smoothly continue across these countries.


Study begin at the Technical University of Liberec in Czech Republic. The city is a melting pot of winter sports and bohemian student lifestyle, and the campus is legendary. In the beginning of the second year, you will move to Wrocław in Poland. This is a branch of the Wrocław University of Technology. The last year of study is located in Saxony, Germany in the cultural and historical town Görlitz at the University of Applied Science. This year usually includes an internship in a foreign country.


Internship in a foreign country

One great adventage of this study program is a mandatory 3-month internship in a foreign country. Our students have earned opportunities in more than 20 countries including Japan and the USA.

Not only you will learn from experienced professionals but you will also add a paramount item to your CV. This is essential to distinguishing new graduates.

The choice of the country is yours. The internship can be e.g. also taken in Germany in case you do not want to travel further.


Perspectivity of the study

This program truly is a perspective study. It is basically a door opener. Our experience is that graduates often continue with a master study – they often choose another study in English in a foreign country and choose majors such as management, economics, IT etc.

Also, students of our program find themselves in great positions in the labour market. Regardless if they finished a master study, graduates often do lucrativejobs in management of international teams. Another common opportunity is within consulting (mostly in IT).

Complete pdf study guide to download here >>>

Price of the study

This study program is for EU citizens totally free of charge!


How to apply

On our undefinedAdmissions page, you will find all necessary information to apply for Neisse University: undefinedApply now!



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pdf study guide to download here


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