For our new Students

09. Aug. 2012

Study programme: “Information and Communication Management”

<media 10617 _blank download "TEXT, INFORMATION 1st year students 2012, INFORMATION_1st_year_students_2012.pdf, 93 KB">undefinedCommon Information</media>

<media 10616 _blank download "TEXT, INFO TECHN UNI LIBEREC, INFO_TECHN_UNI_LIBEREC.pdf, 166 KB">undefinedInformation</media> about Technical University of Liberec and Liberec

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<media 10619 _blank download "TEXT, AREAL TECH UNI LIBEREC, AREAL_TECH_UNI_LIBEREC.pdf, 100 KB">undefinedAreal</media> of the Technical University of Liberec

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Applications are still possible for German Applicants!



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