Graduation Ceremony 2014

16. Jul. 2014

9 Graduates (IKb11) from Poland, Czech Republic, Germany


On July 11th, 2014 was for the eleventh time on the campus of the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz the Graduation Ceremony for the Polish, Czech and German Graduates of the English-speaking bachelor course of studies "Information and Communication Management" in the context of the international network Neisse University. The event was carried out in the presence of official representatives of the three facilities involved as well as guests and parents.


The best Graduates

 (from left to right)
Kai Bösch (D); Kateřina Vlasáková (CZ); Krzysztof Stankiewicz (PL)


Three former Graduates of the Neisse University Anne Bartusiak (D), Adam Bartusiak (PL) und Michal Resl (CZ) got the „Euregiokompetenz-Zertifikat KOMPETENT 4 „ in the context of this celebration this year for the first time. 

(from left to right)
Anne Bartusiak (D), Adam Bartusiak (PL), Michal Resl (CZ)


This „Euregiokompetenz-Zertifikat KOMPETENT 4 „ was developed within the PONTES - Network. It bears the signatures of the three Presidents of the Euro region of Neisse-Nisa-Nysa and certifies neighbour language, intercultural and professional competences for the life and work in the Euro region. (

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