30. Apr. 2012

The President of the Neisse University, Doc. RNDr. Jaroslav Vild, <media 8502 _blank download "TEXT, Letter, Letter.pdf, 356 KB">undefinedhonoured</media> Ms Mgr. Krystyna Galinska (Wrocław University of Technology) for her long-standing excellent work in the development and the realization of the  international network Neisse University.


This honour was awarded in the context of the Pesidency meeting of the Neisse University in Wrocław on March 27, 2012.

<media 8504 _blank download "TEXT, LETTER OF THANKS EN., LETTER_OF_THANKS_EN..pdf, 210 KB">undefinedLetter of Thanks</media> (en)

<media 8503 _blank download "TEXT, LETTER OF THANKS DE., LETTER_OF_THANKS_DE..pdf, 225 KB">undefinedLetter of Thanks</media> (de)



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