How to choose the right university?

If you are like me when I was 19, you are probably thinking a lot about your future field of study. Should you study law, IT, history, etc? There is so much stress on the field of study decision that it can overshadow an equally important choice; what you study is just as important as where you study.

Where to study

The ancient wisdom of old days was to let a young person go into the world to gain experience. It was an initiation ritual to become mature. And it worked. The closest equivalent to it in these days is perhaps a few years studying abroad. Such a „journey into the world“ has incredibly positive impacts on:

  1. Language skills
  2. Personal growth
  3. Awareness
  4. Experience level
  5. Friendships worldwide
  6. Salary

Language skills

There is no better way to learn a language than using it daily through immersion. Our brains are wired to learn languages naturally. Abroad, you will need to use a language every single day at the university, within student groups and also to get along with locals.

Personal growth

Living abroad makes you a more independent, confident and mature person. Countless surveys confirm this over and over again. Why? Because you will have take care of yourself in every way in a completely new environment. You will have to find new friends, get used to a foreign culture and use a foreign language.


Living abroad skyrockets your awareness and gives you a sense of perspective. You will understand people better. You will understand the world better. There is something profound about broadening your horizons.

Experience level

Living abroad is always an adventure. It goes hand in hand with very diverse people, cultures and innovative ideas. Not only it is great fun, but you may also return from studies with a business plan and an international team to make the plan happen.

Friendships worldwide

Studying abroad is not always easy. Perhaps this is what fosters such deep friendships that are strong and last long. Having a great friend abroad is not only good for personal reasons but also for business.


All previously mentioned aspects combined give you a great, competitive advantage which results not only in better paid jobs, but also in job opportunities which would be otherwise out of reach.

Studying abroad, however, is not for everyone. It is not going to be as easy as going to your local university. It might be slightly difficult at the beginning before you get used to a new lifestyle and before you build up new friendships. But! A foreign study may well be the best investment of your life. It was at least in my case. Do not let fear prevent you from pursuing an adventurous and fulfilling path of your life.

What to study

The field of study is equally important. Look beyond what field of study is currently trendy or well-paid. Work is not only a means to pay bills, it should also be fulfilling. Choose a field you are attracted to and that also has some practical usage.

If you find yourself attracted to languages, IT, economics and psychology, you may find interest in our undefinedNeisse University. In any case, please, do yourself a favour and keep looking abroad. It will pay off countless times.