in the Czech Republic


  1. Admission requirements for the Applicants from the Czech Republic

    The applicants for Neisse University can apply to the Technical University of Liberec, one of the three partner universities.
    The applicants must have completed their secondary education, received a school-leaving certificate, and have successfully passed the entrance examination.
    Accepted students are required to take part in an intensive English language course, which lasts 5 weeks and finishes with an exam. The course is organized by TUL before the 1st term starts (the end of August/September).

  1. The entrance examination

    The applicant has to send the completed application electronically (
    The entrance examination consists of an English language and general abilities to study.
    Sample tests are available on the following website:

Study program

6209B Systems Engineering and Informatics

Field of study

6209R012 Information and Communication Management

Form of study

full time

The university will process the application only after payment to the university bank account below has been made. Confirmation that the application has been accepted is not provided.

  1. Required documents

    School-leaving examination certificate Along with the entrance examination, the applicant must submit either an original school-leaving examination certificate or an authorized photocopy.

  1. Important dates and contacts

“Open Door Day”:


Deadline for submission of application:

no later than 31st March

Scheduled date of the entrance examination:


Application processing fee:

550 CZK

University bank account (CSOB)


variable symbol: 649134

constant symbol: 0379

Guarantor for the 1st year of Neisse University:
Ing. Lenka Strýčková, Ph.D.,

Study Office of the Faculty of Economics TUL:
Lenka Mráčková,

Up to date information is available online at: undefined

and at (for applicants outside EU):