Practical Term

Requirements for the practical term in the course Information and Communication Management at the Neisse University

Our students are highly encouraged to apply their learned skills in a professional environment. Doing internships and developing Bachelor's theses in cooperation with corporations will enhance students' abilities to transfer their theoretic knowledge to practical situations and projects. Often, those cooperations lead to employment opportunities upon graduation.


The internship should follow the content of the course and particularly the fields of application of informatics. The following fields are considered as main areas:

  • specification and implementation of software
  • modelling of business processes
  • computer supported processes of work
  • specification of information systems and databases
  • the use of methods of artificial intelligence
  • knowledge management
  • strategic information management
  • use of product planning systems
  • specification and implementation of software in the field of economics
  • the use of information systems and software systems
  • computer supported cooperative work
  • user centred design of software
  • psychological aspects of software systems
  • analysis and specification of man - machine interface


In addition, the following topics are allowed:

  • implementation of object oriented systems
  • client-server-systems

The internship can take place in e.g.:

  • manufacturers and distributors of information technology
  • banks
  • insurance companies
  • automotive industry, mail order companies
  • traffic, communication
  • administration, (public) authorities
  • services sector
  • etc.

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