How to organise your internship

  1. You are looking for a place of practical training? Fulfil the requirements mentioned below!
    After you have found and agreed internship terms with a company, also consider financial and travelling matters, accomodation, passport, visa requirements, etc. If you will be working abroad, please contact the international office of the University Zittau/Görlitz. Their experience will be very useful to you.
    Check out <media 4197 - download "Initiates file download">Initiates file downloadFirms for practical training</media> if you need some inspiration which companies to contact!

  2. Fill in form for the internship and post it via e-mail to one of the persons (professors) in charge of your internship at the University Zittau/Görlitz. Print it out, too.

  3. He or she will then accept or refuse your chosen place of practical training. You will be informed about this decision via e-mail. Generally, this should not be later than the end of the 4th term! 
  5. Now you download the contract for your internship (undefinedDownload), print it out and discuss with your place of practical training about it. Eventually, you and the manager of the company will have to sign the contract.
  7. Send the signed contract and the form for the internship to the administration of the department of Computer Science via mail. Do not forget your address, e-mail and phone number at your place of practical training so we can always contact you.
  9. The administration of the department of Computer Science makes copies, your professor in charge signs the contract and copies are sent back to the place of practical training and, of course, to you. 
  11. During your internship you are required to stay in touch with your supervisor at the University Zittau/Görlitz. You e-mail a weekly report which may look like this table:   



from .. to



26.01. - 30.01.

mailing, database specification


02.02. - 06.02.

data base concept




  1. In the first week of the 6th term you hand in your report on the internship at the department of Computer Science.

  2. Your supervisor at the University Zittau/Görlitz will assess your report and will invite you for a discussion. 


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