Why should I study at Neisse University (NU)?

Because it is a perspective international study program. Because it will make you mature quickly. Because it is fun and an adventure. Few students can brag about such a unique study opportunity.

What would I do after the graduation?

First of all, you will have a very good position on an international job market. Most alumni find employment soon after graduating. Often alumni work in an international company as a consultant, manager or a developer with a decent salary. Some of our graduates start a company, but most continue with master studies – usually abroad.

How difficult is it to get to NU?

Surprisingly, not very difficult. Most young people are not courageous enough to join our studies even if they are interested. The entrance exam to our studies is primarily your courage and dedication.

What are the greatest obstacles to finishing the studies?

Some students find the greatest challenge with the Mathematics and IT courses. However, the finishing rate of our studies is over 80%.

What is the major subject of NU?

As NU is within three countries, the majors are three subjects: IT, management and communication.

My English is far from perfect. Is it a problem?

An intermediate level of English is enough. You will take an intensive five-week English course just before studies begin. The study group is international which means you will speak English on a daily basis. Your English language skills will improve rapidly and English will become second nature to you.

I noticed in your study program some Mathematics. This is definitively not my strong point...

We teach Mathematics only during the first year in the Czech Republic. As Mathematics is rather supplementary, there is little overall focus on it in our study program. We require only the basics. On the other hand, if you really hate Math, studying at Neisse University is not advised.

Is there anybody at hand during my stay in foreign countries if I need help?

Yes.  Students from the study group usually help each other very well. Beside that, there are dedicated and helpful people at each of the three universities. Also, you will never be further than 100 km from your country so you may have time to visit your family to get support if needed.

I need some detailed information. Where can I get it?

You can download the complete guide of our study program. It contains detailed description of taught subjects with the time schedule as well as details and recommendations about the student life in each country.

You can also talk with our graduates and ask them anything about Neisse University.

How large is a study group?

It is usually about 20 students.

How many languages would I speak after the graduation?

You will definitively speak English. You may also learn German, Czech and Polish language. There is a basic language course in each country and it is only up to you to take the opportunity of being in a native environment and learn beyond basics.

I am not from the European Union, can I study at NU?

Yes, of course. However, you will not qualify for free tuition. Contact us for more information about tuition and any other fees.

How long has Neisse University been in operation?

Neisse University has been in operation since 2001. We have over 200 successful graduates.

I like the idea of Neisse University. How can I support it?

Visit our undefinedFacebook page and give us a like.